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Wild Woman Quilts
This is a for-fun, everyday quilt I made for my son, who is a die-hard music fan.  He also
plays a dynamite guitar.  The quilt is made with commercial fabrics, including the central
Beatles fabric.  The center panel is done free form and the surrounding Beatles-themed
fabric borders are quilted with an edge-to-edge design by Sweet Dreams Studios called
"Peace."  You can see the edge-to-edge design on the back (the black photo below).  
A  quilt for a baby boy inspired by a recent issue of Quick Quilts.  The focus fabric seen on the back has fire trucks was well as
stars and hearts, a theme that is continued in the quilt motifs selected.  The four patch blocks are quilted with hearts, while
the car, truck, and airplane blocks are free-handed with the exception of some echoing done with the Statler.  The large, black
outer border is quilted with King Tut Joseph's Coat using a star motif.  
This is for my great-neice who is graduating from FSU with her MBA.  I hope she doesn't see this before I can get it to her!  I
used Sweet Dreams Studio's "Go Noles" design and Superior Thread's Brights in Gold.  
The quilt below was a custom quilt commissioned by a customer who is a horsewoman.  The motifs were chosen to represent the
marriage of the land and the animals as well as her love of horses.  The horse panels were the inspiration for the quilt and the
fabrics chosen flowed from the colors within them.  Quilting Motifs include One Song Needle Arts' "Majestic Pines" and Kimberlee
Diamond's tree fill motif.  A great deal of free hand quilting was used in the horse panels.  Pillow shams were also made to
Diamond's tree fill motif.  A great deal of free hand quilting was used in the horse panels.  Pillow shams were also made to
complete the bedding.
This quilt was a wedding present for my youngest son.  The top is white muslin that is machine embroidered in a double wedding
ring pattern.  The quilting motif is Autumn's Fancy by Donna Kleinke of One Song Needle Arts.  A piped edge in yellow and purple
binding picks up the colors of the embroidered flowers around the scalloped edge.
This is a traditional log cabin quilt with a pop of orange-red in the center of each block and in the piping and the binding.  The
quilting is done in red thread using a motif designed for a log cabin block.  It was fun quilt to make and now adorns the railing of
the loft in my home.
Below are some quilts completed for various projects, one a gift to my granddaugher, the other a gift to a Cancer Boutique to sell
to help cancer patients at Ball Memorial Hosptial in Muncie, IN
The quilt below was made for my own bed using Connecting Threads" Riviera II fabric Collection. The friendship stars
were quilted using Tammy Finkler's friendship star pattern.  The other open areas and block were quilted using patterns
that came with my Statlers, including the feathered border.  
This is a throw quilt using a variety of Oriental prints, including some from Robert Kaufman's Imperial Collection.  Simple pattern
and simple all over quilting using Karen Thompson's "Blowing Grasses", but a great effect.  
Crazy Curves in assorted batiks--quilted with edge-to-edge design and a
few circular designs added to some of the circles for interest
This baby quilt was inspired by the colors his mom and dad used in the nursery.  I wanted the crib quilt to complement the nursery,
but wanted it to also feel like a baby quilt.  Thus, the little zebra was born.  Using a free coloring book page I found on the Internet, I
created the appliqué templates for the zebra.  The quilt top was designed in Electric Quilt 7.  Fabrics are commercial cotton quilting
fabrics; the back is flannel.  The all over quilting is my own design created in Art and Stitch.
Some Customer Quilts